Full Committee Hearing

Ongoing Threats to Election Administration

Senate Committee on Rules and Administration Date: Wednesday, November 1, 2023 Time: 03:00 PM Location: Russell Senate Building 301

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  1. The Honorable Adrian Fontes
    Secretary of State, Arizona Office of the Secretary of State
    Phoenix , AZ
  2. The Honorable Al Schmidt
    Secretary of the Commonwealth, Pennsylvania Department of State
    Harrisburg , PA
  3. Mr. Wayne J. Bena
    Deputy Secretary of State for Elections, Nebraska Office of the Secretary of State
    Lincoln , NE
  4. Mr. J. Alan Farley
    Administrator of Elections, Rutherford County Election Commission
    Murfreesboro , TN
  5. Ms. Elizabeth Howard
    Deputy Director of the Elections and Government Program, Democracy, Brennan Center for Justice
    Washington , DC