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S.2917 A bill to require sponsoring Senators to pay the printing costs of ceremonial and commemorative Senate resolutions.
S.Res.355 A resolution improving procedures for the consideration of nominations in the Senate.
H.Con.Res.118 Authorizing the printing of "United States Capitol Grounds: Landscape Architect Frederick Law Olmstead's Design for Democracy" as a House document.
S.Res.463 A resolution authorizing a Senator to bring a young son or daughter of the Senator onto the floor of the Senate during votes.
S.2673 A bill to limit the printing of the Congressional Record and the Senate Calendars, and for other purposes.
S.2593 A bill to protect the administration of Federal elections against cybersecurity threats.
S.2467 A bill to direct the Joint Committee on the Library to obtain a statue of Shirley Chisholm for placement in the United States Capitol.
S.Res.396 A resolution to establish a special committee of the Senate to address sexual abuse within United States Olympic Gymnastics.
S.2330 A bill to prohibit earmarks.
S.2240 A bill to direct the Election Assistance Commission to carry out a pilot program under which the Commission shall provide funds to local educational agencies for initiatives to provide voter registration information to secondary school students in the 12th grade.
S.2106 A bill to require States to automatically register eligible voters at the time they turn 18 to vote in Federal elections, and for other purposes.
S.Res.323 A resolution requiring sexual harassment training for Members, officers, employees, interns, and fellows of the Senate and a periodic survey of the Senate.
S.2035 A bill to provide increased security for the voting systems of the United States, to protect against intrusion, theft, manipulation, and deletion of voter registration data and ballots, or votes cast, and to prevent cyberattacks from malicious computer hackers, and for other purposes.
S.1931 Empowering Citizens Act
S.1929 Empower Act of 2017
S.1954 Smithsonian National Zoological Park Central Parking Facility Authorization Act
S.Res.268 A resolution recognizing September 26, 2017, as "National Voter Registration Day".
S.1828 A bill to change the date for regularly scheduled general elections for Federal office to the first Saturday and Sunday after the first Friday in November in every even-numbered year.
S.1821 A bill to establish the National Commission on the Cybersecurity of United States Election Systems, and for other purposes.
S.Res.251 A resolution amending rule XXXI of the Standing Rules of the Senate, to provide for timely consideration of nominations.
S.1783 PROVE Act
S.1772 Confederate Monument Removal Act
H.R.3298 Wounded Officers Recovery Act of 2017
S.1683 Restoring Integrity to America's Elections Act
S.1660 Stop Foreign Donations Affecting Our Elections Act
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