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Following Chairwoman Klobuchar’s Pushback on Trump Administration Policy Change, Biden Administration Restores Policy of Non-Interference with Elections

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Chairwoman of the Senate Rules Committee with oversight of federal elections, announced that the Department of Justice will rescind two Trump administration memos that allowed election fraud allegations to be publicly announced before the 2020 election.

This action follows a letter Klobuchar and 12 members of the Rules and Judiciary Committees sent to Corey R. Amundson, Chief of the Department of Justice’s Public Integrity Section, requesting an explanation of the Department’s decision to weaken its longstanding policy of non-interference with elections weeks before the 2020 general election.

“The Department of Justice has historically distanced itself from election integrity investigations immediately before Election Day, and that’s how it should be,” said Klobuchar. “I’m glad to see that under the Biden administration, the Department is restoring this separation and, in turn, helping to strengthen our democracy. This is an important step as we work to undo the damage to our elections caused by the Trump administration.”

Klobuchar has been a leader in protecting voting rights and the integrity of America’s elections. In September, Klobuchar and 16 colleagues sent a letter to Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, and YouTube, urging executives to take further measures to stop voting related misinformation and disinformation.

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