March 24, 2021

Rebutting GOP Misinformation About “Chaos,” Chairwoman Klobuchar Describes “Obstacles Facing Voters Across the Country”

Klobuchar’s remarks came while Chairing the first Senate hearing on the For The People Act, legislation that would strengthen democracy, make it easier to vote, and end the influence of dark money in U.S. politics

Klobuchar: “I did want to clarify one thing. I’ve been hearing the word chaos tossed around. Well, let me tell you what chaos is...That angry mob, that was chaos.”

High-resolution video of Chairwoman Klobuchar’s remarks are available for download HERE

WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Chairwoman of the Committee on Rules and Administration with oversight over federal elections and campaign finance law, rebutted GOP misinformation about “chaos” in elections and pointed out the obstacles that Americans have to overcome just to cast a vote, chaos that the For the People Act seeks to end. 

A high-resolution video of Chairwoman Klobuchar’s remarks is available for download HERE.

“I did want to clarify one thing. I’ve been hearing the word chaos tossed around. Well, let me tell you what chaos is. 

Chaos is what we’ve seen in the last years, five-hour or six-hour lines in states like Arizona to vote. 

Chaos is purging names of longtime voters from a voter list so they can’t go vote in states like Georgia. 

Chaos is the state of Texas declaring that you can only have one drop-off box for votes and ballots in their state including huge counties like Harris County with nearly five million people. 

Chaos is forcing people in Wisconsin to stand in garbage bags in the rain waiting in line just to exercise their right to vote. 

Chaos is people in South Carolina being told that they have to have a notary public to be able to get a mail-in ballot and having to have to do it through a window of a hospital while they’ve got COVID. 

Chaos is a law in North Carolina that a circuit court ruled was so discriminatory against African Americans that they said -- this is a conservative circuit court -- that it was designed with “surgical precision,” their words not mine, to discriminate against African Americans. 

And chaos is what we saw happen at the Capitol when people heard for an entire year that our election isn’t sound and they decided to come here and take it under their own hands. 

That angry mob, that was chaos. 

What this bill tries to do is to simply make it easier for people to vote and take the best practices that what we’ve seen across the country, and put it into law as we are allowed to do under the Constitution.”